Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manually Transcribe An Audio / Video File


Do you have an audio or video recording that you want to transcribe

You could just use your media player or winamp to play the file, but this will not allow you to rewind it as easily or slow the track down enough for you to type.

You will need to open a text document or word document.

The FTW transcribe program is always on top, This allows for quick pause of the file.

Every time you press play/pause, it will automatically rewind slightly so you can hear what you have just transcribed.

It also has step by step rewind or Fast forward function as well.

This player is free :


This program has the audio file and the notes file all in the one window.

Due to it being all in one windows, you can also allowing quickly pause the file

It has a variable speed control and a footpedal control feature as well.

The footpedal can be purchased from :

Express Scribe is freee :

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