Monday, December 3, 2012

NanoStation M2 Setup As An Access Point

I decided to upgrade my Nanostation 2 to the Nanostation m2.

I was so happy with the performance of the Nanostation 2 that i wanted to upgrade to include the wireless N .

The nanonstation M2 mode includes IEEE 802.11 B/G/N mixed.

I have set this up as an indoor Access point

I found that the my modems wireless worked well upstairs but would not do the whole house as well as downstairs including the garage. I wanted something that just worked everywhere.

I disabled the wireless on the modem and configured the Nanostation m2.

I had a wired connection downstairs, so it was as simple as connecting into an existing network switch, I configured the Nanostation as a wireless access point then created a wireless password and an administrator username and password.

If you are having issues connecting to it even though the passwords are correct you may need to disable airMax in airMax settings and also set the channel width to 20.

This is the best wireless access point I have used.

Here is some snapshots of my configuration.

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